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            Reopening information for members

            Our guidelines and FAQs are subject to change as situations evolve. We recommend you check for updates to this page before your visit.

            Reserving timed tickets

            During this temporary phased reopening, all members and their guests will be required to reserve free timed ticket(s) online to visit. Sign into your membership account to reserve your family's time slot from those available, and download your tickets to your phone. Each visitor must have a reservation, including children under 2 (infants). Note regarding children aged 2 and younger: Please reserve your infant's timed ticket as a child's timed ticket covered by your membership. If your membership does not cover children and you wish to bring an infant, you can register your infant as your guest or upgrade to a level that includes children ages 0-18 by calling us at 503-505-5493.

            On arrival, please present the reservation on your mobile device, as well as your photo ID, at the Oregon Zoo ticket windows at your designated time. At least one named cardholder must be present. If you have also reserved any GA tickets for additonal guests, you will also need to present that reservation.

            If you have not created your online account, you can do so here.

            If you are purchasing a new membership, you may not be able to visit the zoo on the same day as your purchase. Due to high demand, we recommend that you reserve your tickets several days in advance of your visit to the zoo. All reservations must be made online.

            If you need assistance with your membership account or timed ticket purchasing, please contact membership@oregonzoo.org.?Guest services and the membership office will be operating with a limited staff. All calls and emails will be answered, but immediate assistance may not be available. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

            Extended membership dates

            All memberships have been extended in accordance to the time we were closed, beginning from the date we reopened. Your updated expiration date will be included in future member communications for your reference, and you can access your member information via your online account. You do not need a new membership card at the gate. Membership card printing has been temporarily suspended.

            Memberships cannot be suspended and will only be extended by the total amount of time the zoo was closed while the membership was active. Memberships are non-refundable.

            Member benefit access

            During the phased reopening, some member benefits might be temporarily restricted or unavailable. Benefit access will be evaluated regularly, so please continue to check back for updates.

            • At this time, reciprocal benefits will be available at the discretion of each participating organization and are not guaranteed. Please check with the attraction you wish to visit before you go. The Oregon Zoo is not able to honor reciprocal benefits during the modified reopening period.
            • For your safety, the zoo train, carousel and all play areas will be closed during Phase 1 of the Oregon Zoo's reopening.
            • All events through October 31, including the Summer Concerts series, have been cancelled.
            • Summer camps and classes for 2020 have been canceled.
            • Behind-the-scenes tours will not be available during the modified reopening period.
            • At this time we cannot offer discounts on additional GA tickets for members.

            Modified reopening member FAQs

            Answers to common questions about general membership can be found here.

            Q: Can I buy timed tickets at the zoo?
            No. We cannot accommodate reservation requests made in person at the zoo, nor can we guarantee that there would be a time slot available for same day entry.
            If you don't want to purchase tickets online or if you do not have access to the internet, please contact Member Services at 503-505-5493 for assistance over the phone. All calls will be returned, but please remember that Member Services will be operating at a limited capacity, and you may not be able to reach someone for immediate assistance. We recommend that you make your reservation requests several days in advance of your intended visit.

            Q: Can I renew my membership at the zoo and go in on the same day?
            No. Because we cannot guarantee that any time slots will be available that day, we recommend that you purchase your membership online and reserve your timed tickets several days in advance of your intended visit.

            Q: I bought a member ticket for the wrong day or time slot. What should I do?
            If you have made an error with your reservation, please contact Member Services as soon as possible at membership@oregonzoo.org or 503-505-5493.

            Q: If I show up with a guest or children who do not have reserved tickets, can they come in with me? Can I buy additional tickets when I get to the zoo for my extra guests/children?
            No. Members may reserve up to the maximum number covered by their membership at one time online. Your guest privilege covers a visitor of any age. If you want to bring additional guests or children that are not covered by your membership, including additional infants aged 2 or younger, those timed tickets will have to be purchased separately as GA tickets with no member discount. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee additional GA tickets will be available for your desired time slot. Additionally, we cannot accommodate reservation requests made in person at the zoo, so we ask that you do not bring any additional guests or children with you who do not have timed ticket reservations – they will not be allowed entry.

            Q: What if I reserved a member timed ticket and can no longer go?
            We anticipate that time slots will be in high demand and we hope to accommodate as many members as possible. Because we will be limiting the number of tickets available for any one time slot, we ask that you please notify us if you are unable to visit on the date and time that you have reserved so that we may make that time available to another member. Please contact Member Services as soon as possible at membership@oregonzoo.org or 503-505-5493.

            Q: I want to come this Saturday and all the member slots are already taken, but I see that you are still selling GA tickets. Can I have a free GA ticket?
            No. We reserve roughly half of our capacity for our members, but we also are relying on GA ticket revenue to keep the zoo operating. You are welcome to purchase GA tickets at any time, but we cannot refund the cost or apply it to your membership. We do constantly release cancelled member reservations back into the reservation system, so we encourage you to continue to check for member availability, even in previously sold out time slots. Many of these cancellations are same-day cancellations.

            Q: How early can I come before my allotted timed entry? Where do I go?
            The front of the zoo will look at little different when we reopen. In an effort to reduce crowding and adhere to social distancing guidelines, our visitors will be asked to stand in a line that will be clearly designated for the upcoming time slot. You may come before your allotted time and walk with your friends and family around Washington Park until your time slot is available. You may also wait in the parking lot.

            Q: Is there a separate member entrance?
            At this time, there is not a separate member entrance. All visitors, including members will be asked to stand in a structured line designated for specific upcoming time slots.

            Q: Will parking be free or reduced in price? How will I pay for parking to avoid touching the pay stations?
            The Oregon Zoo does not own the parking lot, which is shared by all 6 six attractions in Washington Park. Parking fees will be determined by the City of Portland. Touchless payment is available by downloading the Parking Kitty app located here: https://parkingkitty.com/

            Q: Will my ID be required with the member tickets?
            Yes, members will be required to show their tickets with ID. Your name will be printed on the timed-ticket and you will be asked to present your photo ID at the entrance.

            Q: Can someone else take my kids to the zoo using my timed tickets and my membership card?
            No. The same rules of membership apply during this period of limited access. A named cardholder with a photo ID must be present for any children covered by that membership to gain access. Your name will be printed on the timed-ticket and you will be asked to present your photo ID.

            Q: If I can't use my member tickets, can I give them away to a friend?
            No. The same rules of membership apply during this period of limited access. Your name will be printed on the timed-ticket and you will be asked to present your photo ID. If you cannot use your member tickets, please let us know right away so that we may release those tickets to another member. Please call Member Services at 503-505-5493 during zoo hours.

            Q: A member of my party is going to be late. Can I leave a ticket in will-call?
            No. In order to limit physical contact the zoo will not have a will-call option at this time.

            Q: I need to bring a caregiver for a disabled person covered by my membership, but I do not see that option on the timed-ticket reservation system. Can I just show up with my caregiver?
            In order to adhere to capacity procedures and policies, all visitors must reserve a ticket for a specific time slot, including any caregivers attending to disabled guests. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to offer free caregiver tickets through our online ticketing system.

            If you are able, the easiest way to ensure your caregiver can access the zoo with you during the same time slot is to use your additional guest option on your membership for your caregiver. However, if you cannot or do not wish to use your guest option for your caregiver you will need to contact Member Services prior to your visit to arrange for the complimentary reservation. We recommend that you contact Members Services at least a few days in advance of your visit. Due to limited staffing, we cannot guarantee same day reservations.

            Please note: A free caregiver ticket for a person assisting a disabled visitor is not the same thing as having a Caregiver Card, which is a purchased add-on membership option that allows one named adult to bring in children on a membership.