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            Gift membership

            Looking for a wild and unique gift? Give the gift of membership!

            There are three easy ways to give the gift of membership: Buy an electronic gift card online, renew an existing membership in person or online, or have a gift card mailed to you! Read on for your gift giving options.

            Electronic gift card for membership (Instant Gift!)

            When you purchase an electronic gift of membership card, you (as the gift giver) OR the recipient will receive an e-mail confirmation with your special message along with a PDF gift card attached that the recipient will redeem at their convenience to begin their membership. The PDF can either be printed or shown from a smartphone to redeem at the zoo. You will not need any of the recipient's information to purchase a gift membership. The membership doesn't start until the recipient decides to redeem the gift card online or in person at the zoo, which means they won't lose any time on their membership! The membership is valid for 365 days from the redemption date.

            Gift memberships in the form of renewals

            Gift renewals will add 365 days from the current member's expiration date (i.e. if the current member's expiration date for their membership is 3/31/2020, the gift membership will add 365 days and expire on 3/30/2021). You will need the current member's information to complete the transaction. Membership cards can only be mailed to members at the address that matches their photo ID. Consider a physical gift card if you would like to present the membership as a gift.

            Oregon Zoo gift cards

            Gift cards make great gifts for anyone on your list! They are available for purchase at the main admissions gate daily during regular Zoo hours. If you would like to have a gift card and special envelope mailed to you, you can purchase one below or call us at 503.505.5493 Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm. Gift cards will be mailed Priority Mail with a tracking number within 1-3 business days. Tracking fees will apply. Call us now or simply select the membership level you desire below and complete your purchase.