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            Aythya americana

            The redhead is a relatively large diving duck widespread through North America. The species is named for the males' striking red-orange head.

            Redhead behavior and facts

            • Redheads feed by diving for seeds, plants, aquatic insects and small fish.
            • A male redhead's call resembles a cat's meow.
            • Redheads prefer non-forested prairies with water and dense vegetation for nesting sites.
            • Redheads are migratory – it is estimated that 80 percent of redheads spend the winter months in the Laguna Madre of Texas and Mexico.

            Life history

            • The redhead breeds primarily in the northern Great Plains in freshwater wetlands.
            • Female redheads are known for dropping their eggs in the nests of other waterbirds.
            • The female lays an average of 7-10 eggs.


            IUCN Least concern

            Redheads, the Oregon Zoo and you

            The zoo's redheads live in the Cascade Stream and Pond aviary.