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            Red-crested pochard

            Netta rufina

            The Red-crested pochard is a large diving duck that lives throughout Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Red-crested pochards are the largest of the pochards.

            Red-crested pochard behavior and facts

            • The male red-crested pochard has a rounded orange head, a red bill and a black breast.
            • The female is mostly brown with a darker brown crown and splashes of white on its face.
            • Red-crested pochards are social birds that form large flocks in winter, often sharing the company of other diving duck species.
            • They dive and dabble to get at the roots, seeds and aquatic plants that they eat.
            • Males and non-breeding red-crested pochards molt and become flightless for four weeks between June and August.

            From birth to death

            • The nest of the red-crested pochard is constructed on the ground in dense vegetation near water.
            • During courtship, the male brings the female food offerings.
            • Females lay 8 to 10 pale green eggs and incubate them alone for 26-28 days.

            Vital statistics

            • Red-crested pochards are 20-23 inches long.
            • They weigh up to 2 pounds.


            IUCN Least concern

            Red-crested pochards, the Oregon Zoo and you

            The zoo's red-crested pochards live in the Africa Rainforest Aviary.