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            Hadada ibis

            Bostrychia hagedash

            The Hadada ibis is a long-legged wading bird native to sub-Saharan Africa. It lives in wooded streams and river courses in open grassland and savanna woodlands.

            Hadada ibis behavior and facts

            • Hadada ibis are large gray to partly brown birds with an iridescent greenish-purple sheen on their wings.
            • Their diet consists mainly of insects, worms, snails and small reptiles.
            • The bird is named for its distinctive call that sounds like haa-haa-haa-de-dah.

            From birth to death

            • They build basket-shaped nests above the ground on horizontal tree branches, telephone poles or man-made structures and tend to use the same nesting site year after year.
            • Hadada ibis breed in solitary pairs.


            IUCN Least concern

            Hadada ibis, the Oregon Zoo and you

            The zoo's Hadada ibis live in the Africa Rainforest Aviary.