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            The Oregon Zoo is a rich ecosystem of conservation, animal care and enrichment, and education.

            Get to know the stories, facts and habits of your neighbors on planet earth. Visit the Oregon Zoo either by walking through the zoo’s front entrance into 64 acres of discoveries, or by navigating to pages about any of the zoo’s animals and conservation programs.

            You can learn about lizards on your laptop, zebras in zoo camp and vultures on a visit.

            Areas and exhibits????????

            The zoo is arranged in five areas that range across different continents and ecosystems: Asia, Fragile Forests, Pacific Shores, Africa and the Great Northwest. Within each zone you’ll find animals and exhibits such as Africa Savanna or Amur Cats that recreate the habitats of specific animals. Spend a day in one area or circle the planet on your visit to the Oregon Zoo.


            Each species at the zoo has its own web page of facts, figures and background information. Discover more about favorite animals before a trip to the zoo, use these pages for school reports or browse your way randomly through web pages full of “I didn’t know that!” facts.??????

            Camps, classes and programs

            Summer camps, ZooSnooze, school break camps: camps and programs at the Oregon Zoo enrich children and families with behind-the-scenes stories and up-close animal encounters.

            Field trips and school programs

            Field trips, overnights, animal presentations and more: The Oregon Zoo is one of the premier conservation education organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

            Behind the scenes experiences

            See what it takes to run a zoo or meet some of the zoo's favorite animals on our behind-the-scenes experiences.